JIRA Connect for iOS 5 and above

Are you often in meetings and wished you could quickly pull up details of a specific JIRA issue? Ever been in management reviews and needed to know how many enhancements are making the release? Traveling and need to know what is going on? Then this app is for you!

JIRAConnect is a simple and fast iPhone app to connect to any Atlassian JIRA instance (version 5.0 or above). It uses JIRAs RESTful API, which is enabled by default and no configuration changes are generally necessary.

The following features are currently supported:
-Search by JIRA key, description, summary, project, version, and issue type
-Issue details including custom fields and comments
-Ability to enter new comments
-Activity stream and details
-Basic authentication via HTTP/S (self signed keys are supported)
-Responsive and fast UI, utilizing lazy loading, and asynchronous calls

Note: JIRA is a trademark of Atlassian. JIRA Connect is not affiliated in any way with Atlassian.

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